this weeks food

One of my worst things about cooking is deciding what to eat. Thanks to The Lazy Genius, I have a system that’s been working for a few months. This – is the podcast that inspired me, but she has others about the other seasons. I have my spring meal queue figured out and we rotate through the weeks. I have about 3 weeks menus made up and we rotate through it. Every Sunday night or Monday I write out the food we will eat that week and get the groceries. I kind of jot down which foods we might eat which nights but that part doesn’t matter. What matters is I know I have all the groceries for 5 meals. That, my friends, is insanely awesome. And they are all thought out meals that everyone loves. Also, I wouldn’t be embarrassed for anyone to stop in to eat with us for any of the meals! YAY. Come on down 😉 This process has, as Kendra Adachi puts it, being genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don’t.

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