these winter days

finally this morning there is some snow. it has been so howling windy and brown and ugly that yes yes i’m so excited to see fresh whiteness. we took a walk out in the trees down a winding dirt road deep in mountain country this morning and it was L.O.V.E.L.Y.

i have found a new love for decorating this season. its different for me and its just that. decorate for the season, not the holiday. so i thought about winter. the 5 senses of winter. i made a pin board about winter and i looked at it and did what it said. so i went to the bush, cut some teeny tiny little trees and put them in little miscellaneous pots and placed them around my house. and i lit candles. and I’m actually using my lamps in the other living room too. we’ve been wrapping one christmas present every couple days. and i truly get this little rush of excitement in my soul when i look out over my home in the cozy evening and even throughout the day. this is all thanks to instruction and inspiration from Myquillyn Smith and her book Welcome Home. i have added a couple Christmas specific things like my nativity set but mostly, i love how it feels by just bringing nature inside and adding or taking away a few other things. cozy minimalist is the word and it is lovely. come over will you?

this past week i made my Winter Food Queue. this starts my second year of doing the queues ! wow has it been life changing. i think maybe i wrote about it here before but. i have spent much less time this past year thinking about food and i am so grateful to The Lazy Genius for this hack. so i sat down with pen and paper, a stack of cookbooks and my list of ‘foods we love’ and set to work. it took me a good portion of the afternoon but now my meals are planned for december, january and february. go listen to podcast #121 How to Build a Fall Dinner Queue to learn how 🙂

i finished reading Prayers & Peanut Butter by Barbara Klassen. I slowly read through it over the last couple years and every time i have been so encouraged. i think i will just start over because its been so long since i started and I’m sure it will still be every bit as encouraging. there are so many verses in the bible to encourage mothers and wives and there is such a long list of them at the back of her book. i will post a few here.

im not sure how to link a pdf but I’m going to try and see if it works. i made a page of christmas tags or tiny cards and you can use them if you like. ( and if the link works)

be kind and enjoy your days, clarissa

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