Snow + Exploring

Believe it or not Ohio gets snow in April too. We woke to a couple inches on the ground a couple mornings ago. The last couple days have been abit cooler and there has been a for more flakes + rain.

We did a few indoor activities because of the snow. We went to the EnterTRAINment Junction for the 3rd time:) And also went back to Dig ‘n Play for a couple hours. Sad to say Ella hasn’t been doing well with the whole ‘time-to-go-home’ situation. I thought we had kinda got that whole thing figured out or under control or whatever but ya. It’s discouraging.

Finally nailed a nice clock for the SF office. That is the one thing i have done to make that office feel a little more friendly. But I have given up trying to clean there. Oscar lasts only so long in the walker – WHEN WILL HE WALK ??? I know people say its fine if they don’t walk and that its actually kinda nice and all that but I’m here to DISAGREE. What are you supposed to do with a kid that wants to GO but the floor is really truly extremely filthy?? Maybe I should just let him go? Anyway so I give up with cleaning. I won’t be here long anyway and they need to hire someone to clean. Ahem.

But. SUPERFORM INSULATED CONCRETE FORMS are being made and shipped out of Superform USA!!!! There was a pretty intense few days there where Jason was gone early and home late. They had many many little issues keep popping up but thank goodness things are finally running a little bit smooth. Its a beautiful thing to see stacks and stacks of white and red back there! Keelan came for a couple days to help with a few things at the shop. We were delighted to see him! Ella went a little craazzzy when she saw him! We ate yummy Texas Roadhouse together…

Sunday we went for a walk just around our apartments. Ella parked her scooter and we went to pick some cute little wild flowers just off among the trees. And just like the big bad wolf, another pretty flower lured us a little further. Until we found a pond. And then there was what looked like a little castle! But it seemed to be old. And deserted! And mysterious! ohhhh. So of course we kept walking. And sure enough! There just behind our fancy shmantzy apartments, sidewalks, manicured lawns and pool is an old deserted place. A childs dream playhouse that is a aqua blue castle with a big door, narrow steep stairs leading up to a second floor. I didn’t venture up not wanting to fall through a floor with Oscar in the carrier! I could see some cute potential up there though 🙂 Across the dugout used to be a zipline maybe? So then of course I was so curious about that big old house across the field. So we kinda skirted the yard and since it seemed pretty deserted I got up the nerve and peeked in some windows and SURE ENOUGH it was deserted as can be! So we opened the door and in we went! Ella was quite sure we shouldn’t be going in. She for sure didn’t want to go upstairs. But up the beautiful wooden staircase we went. There was at least 3 fireplaces, brick walls, many many bedrooms upstairs with odd little stairs up a few steps and down a few. So very quaint! A little sunroom that must have been so beautiful in its day. Blue tile bathroom, green tubs…. So of course later that night I tried to find out who had lived there and I just can’t imagine why did they leave that place? Why does no one live there? I found the owners names and all their kids. I think there were like 10 kids or something. And it doesn’t seem like the old parents have passed away yet – but they are in their 90’s. Wouldn’t it be ever so interesting to look them up in some seniors home and hear their story? What joy those kids must have had… running across the field to play with their friends in their castle! Long summer afternoons swimming in the pond… This is a long paragraph. But there’s so much potential in that old house. I would dearly love to fix it up. By what i found seems that one of these times it will be pushed down and made into more apartments 🙁 It was sold last August for 2 or 300,000 more than its worth according to the web…..

We went to parks again this week. Packed lunches and ate there. When for walks there. Played at playgrounds.

Tuesday Ang Wiggers – Marlas cousin – and her fellow school board ladies were in the city getting groceries for a school fundraiser so she messaged and wondered if we wanted to have lunch together! We met at a park nearby and brought our lunches.She had told a couple other gals to meet us! It was a beautiful day and the children played on the playground for awhile and then we walked around the lake. There was oodles of turtles sunning themselves on half submerged logs! That was fun to be with those ladies. They are nice.

We also decided to fly home instead of drive. So we booked tickets for April 29 and we are exxccciiittteeddddd!!! yippee! k toodles.

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