My Purpose

My baby is one and a half years old. And just like that I am one of the thousands of mothers before me that have asked the same question – how did that happen? This morning I put splash pants and rubber boots on Ella + Oscar and they went out to play. Of course they found the largest deepest puddle and their boots were full of water. These are the days.

I listened to a podcast today. It is by The Open Door Sisterhood Ep. 292 How Motherhood Grows Us. They talk about how we think we need to figure out our Purpose. And as a mother, I have done that a lot. And I feel discouraged because really? Is my purpose to change diapers, do laundry and empty the dishwasher? For the rest of my life? Was this my calling? How come I never heard the phone ring? You see, those thoughts can tend to spiral. So what Sara is encouraging me, is to rather think about what is meaningful in my life. And also to take a small bite and say ‘What is my purpose today. What is meaningful about what I’m doing today. Brilliant. Just brilliant. Now, remind me of this next January when I’m feeling the doldrums. (What are the doldrums anyway?)

dol·drums. (dōl′drəmz′) A region of the globe found over the oceans near the equator, having weather characterized variously by calm air, light winds, or squalls and thunderstorms. Hurricanes originate in this region. whaaaatt???

My thoughts are a bit scattered today. But for the record I want to remember this. When we are racing around being ‘so busy’, I want to stop and check what the busy is. And make sure. That at least 50% of what gets us out of the house or busy is spent serving others and not only in selfish business – whatever that is – I know what it is for me I think.

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