my favourite season

My favourite season may not be summer. I love summer. I love the ease of going in and out. Especially with children. But suddenly when the hot is getting a little long, I look forward to the cooler days. The days where there is no pressure to pack everyone up and go swimming. Where cooling off just means cracking the door open and staying warm is just staying inside and cuddling up with a blanket and a hot cup of tea.

That being said, an iced coffee on the porch in the heat of the day is pure bliss. So is my cup of hot coffee at 7:00 each morning sitting outside with my Jason. Silence except for birds. The inspiration flows from Gods word to my heart. All year long I look forward to devotions on my chair on the porch. These are the days I was longing for just a few months ago. I am cherishing these days.

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