Living in the Smoky Haze of Summer

There is a sticky layer on the floors inside and out of watermelon juice and popsicle drips. The camper is cleaned out and ready for the next trip. The garden, at the moment, looks rather nice. God has sent rain and what a delight that is. The smell of rain is enough to send me straight to my bed for a cozy nap with the window wide open.

The fires in BC make for much smoky air. When will we see the mountains again? It’s always surprising to step out first thing in the morning to the warm air – the smoky haze makes it seem like it should be a cool day. Thankful the fires aren’t close to us. Praying for everyone directly affected.

Camping trips are the delight for us this summer. What privilege to leave the obligations of weedy gardens, loads of laundry and sticky floors and go enjoy the beautiful nature God has created. Cousins and family and friends – you are nice!

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