Live Life to the Fullest

I have made myself a latte and sat down in this very chair at this same computer several times with the intention of writing another post. But each time I just haven’t. The brain fog of this new year has been intense. I just blame it as a side effect from the last cold I had. Whatever the case. Here I am to try again.

I bought this thing from Katie Blackburn: Rhythm: 52 writing prompts for a year of listening, praying, and creating. I hope it helps me do more writing in 2022 (that is one of my many lofty ‘ideas’ for this year. ha) The prompt last week was something about figuring out your purpose. I had just been paging through my journal from last year and remembered an entry I made in spring when I learned that my cousin one year older than me had cancer. (praise God he is now cancer free) I had been going through a season of wondering What more God? What is our purpose? Shouldn’t we be doing something more? Should we raise buffalo? Start a flower garden? Volunteer a year or more of our time to do mission work? Start a coffee truck? Beekeeping? A store? At least maybe we could do some travelling! Never a lack of ideas in my head eh. But then I stopped and thought. What if? What if this truly was the last year that it is Jason, Ella, Oscar and me? I know I’ve sorta had thoughts like these before but sometimes it just hits a little closer to home. I realized with such clarity that living life to the fullest would be living so normally. Back in April I wrote ‘my days would be filled with popsicles on the porch, granola balls would always be ready, the stories would be read over and over, back rubs and coffee, conversations with friends and time spent with people we love and care for. Less time – a lot less – spent on social media and online shopping. More just living life to the fullest. L.L.T.T.F. Asking myself that question whenever I want to start a new thing. – does this help me in my pursuit of LLTTF? And do you know what the amazing thing is? We did! At the beginning of January when I was thinking back over the last year, I felt like it has truly been one of, if not THE best year of my life! As I thought about why that is, a few different things came to mind but one that stuck was just all the times we had done exactly that – sitting in the sun on the porch while the children ate popsicles, many, many late evenings sipping coffee and watching the sun set with Jason on the porch, camping trips and last minute picnics, friends around the fire, pretty flowers in the garden and so many bouquets, walks down the road and walks in the field. Its so surprising to me and my adventurous spirit because since when could I have had such a fun year when I only took one trip that included an airplane? When we mostly stuck pretty close to home? Now don’t assume there weren’t days when I was entirely too consumed with other things. I didn’t read to the kids and said NO to the mess of another popsicle. And days I failed miserably to just be content. It was only a month or two ago that I had the worst case of itchy feet. But I am somewhat in awe of the fact that living life to the fullest truly is learning to be content in the everyday. Making time for the things that make everyday fun. And realizing that I sorta ‘got there’ last year.

Ella made Yogurt Cake. She was delighted! I always remembered this recipe from reading Bringing up Bebé and I found this ladies pretty blog with the recipe.

An interesting and thought provoking podcast listen The Verity Podcast # 068 about why Francine Rivers book Redeeming Love might be very harmful for some young women.

What a beautiful miracle God performed to boost the faith of these kids in an article I received in a newsletter from The Joyful Life Magazine.

be kind and show love, clarissa rae

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