Home + Springtime

We managed to get home. We missed our first flight. The Cincinnati airport is small and since our first flight was just over to Minneapolis we thought we didn’t need that much time. But. There were endlessly long lines because of stuff like ‘oh you are in the WRONG line, go over there and wait in that long line’. Needless to say we missed that flight. We were pretty bummed. But we found a motel nearby and settled in. The next available flight was 2 days later. So we spent one day driving around Ohio some more – thank goodness Rick hadn’t come to pick his car up yet so we could use it still. We went to the Aquarium which was super cool. Ate yummy food. Tried out the freezing cold pool – no go for Oscar. Sleep. Pack again. And fly home.

The flights were great, the kids did well and we landed in Calgary around 6 or 8 or something. I was mixed up with time so I’m still not sure. Went through customs and then the health people told us to go over there and get tests so we did and then. Out into the air of Canada. That’s always a lovely feeling! Walked the whole length of that airport to get to our car in Economy Parking – thank you mom and Aunt Jo for bringing it!

And now, home. Home is lovely. Home is a big, big house. A lot of toys and a lot of floor and bathrooms and STUFF. Home is a big, big yard. And our very own playground just outside the door. And lots of grass to mow and weeds to control. Home is wide open spaces, room to run and make loud noises. I caught myself walking softly on the floor so as not to disturb the residents below! Ella wondered the next morning, ‘Which playground are we going to today?’ “my dear, we have a playground just outside the door!’

Lovely days of sunshine and working outside. Gardening and exploring the coulees. Checking out uncles baby calves.

Life is great and even though I feel rather overwhelmed by all the work and stuff and all that, its a work in progress. I am a work in progress. I will learn, am learning, to be content with whatever situation I am in. It’s easy to be discontent and yet when i stop and look around, WE ARE SO BLESSED! Thank you Jesus.

Have a lovely day, Clarissa

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