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I thought I would wake early each day and document what exactly we are getting done here. But then what happens is my head doesn’t hit the pillow till after midnight each night. Like last night, I really wanted to put together one more IKEA item. So ya.

We left home on Tuesday, March 15 at 8:00 a.m. First order of business was getting Ellas teeth work done in Lethbridge. That went reasonably well and we were on the road by noon. And we drove and drove and drove. Now I’ve got a ton of activity ideas and ways to survive that type of thing with littles. Each day we were shocked at how well it went! We drove by our new house on March 17 around 7:30 in the eve. Got to our very dumpy motel and settled in for 2 nights.

Friday we met the previous and got the keys at 5:00 p.m. I spent the day buying cleaning supplies and a few things I knew we would need right off. Tianna flew in at 6:00. Thank goodness she was a bit late because so were we. And we met Uncle Kendalls for yummy Mexican supper. How random to be hanging out with them in this city! Tianna stayed with them for night and visited the ark on Saturday. The house is much like I expected it to be. Maybe a bit smaller. Pictures are good at making things look bigger. Also the front looks a little more humdrum than the picture. But its still cute and brick and has nice plants. The back yard is very nice with covered porch, fireplace and picnic table. The shower is very nice, but the bathroom is extremely tiny. The hardwood floors are nice. The kitchen is newish and nice and I love the fridge. There’s a pellet stove that runs a lot on the chilly days. The upstairs feels gross and discouraging with cracks in the ceiling and yucky stained rug. Lots of potential up there. The basement also is kind of meh. I think a good cleaning will go a long ways. My biggest question is. How long exactly has this house been empty??

Saturday and Sunday we shopped and purchased as many of the big items as possible. Jason was leaving for an EPS Expo Monday morning and I wanted to have most of the furniture in the house by then as he can drive that funny old truck. That was insanely exhausting but also fun until about 4:00 or so. Ha. We managed to have enough stuff in the house to sleep here Saturday night. Uncle Kendalls brought pizza when they dropped off Tianna. And then the girls went to IKEA with me and got blankets and sheets and some dishes and things. Did you know IKEA is open until 9:00?! Wow. Grocery pickup at Walmart and back to the house. Ainsley and Abby found places to sleep here too:) But before they slept there were like magical elves and cleaned the entire kitchen inside and out!! And put away all the groceries. And the dishes. And made their beds. Hmmm I wonder what I was even doing?

Monday morning Tianna and me ran to Home Depot for paint before I had to bring Jason to the airport. Airport is an hour and half round trip on good traffic. Back home, made sandwiches and ate them in the backyard to Ellas utter delight. By the way, the kids are being pretty resilient and a little crabby but on the whole they still seem happy and healthy. We got to painting and by suppertime we were done. We completely painted one bedroom, the one wall in the other room and the one wall in the living room. Chick-fil-a at the park for supper.

Tuesday shopping and cleaning and setting stuff up. All Day. I did a shopping run while the kids napped and Tianna cleaned. Amazing. Grabbed pupusas for supper and ate them at home!! YUM. Finished cleaning the upstairs and I will say, it feels a LOT better up there. Amazing what tide + bleach + hot water can do to a place. Yes we are using bleach of all horrifying events. This place feels soooo much better. Thanks to GoCleanCo. for all the cleaning tips. It was dark when we decided to go for a walk but oh so warm. Up the street, through the old cemetery, over a bridge, across a street and there we are at the amazing pool/waterpark and the best every yet playground! Wow. 5 minute walk.

Wednesday basically a repeat of yesterday except in the morning we went and toured that old house again by where we lived last time. So intriguing! Tianna went to Joanns. I shopped during naps again. Tianna is amazing. We got her bedroom to a really feel good place. We went to get Jason from the airport and since he was late we stopped at a Costco and loaded up the back while we waited. Texas Roadhouse for supper!!!

Thursday Tianna left. How will we survive? Made a few more stops on the way home and worked on setting up and cleaning. Got our bedroom to a really feel good place. Jason got home from work at 8:00. I sure hope that’s not a new trend. How will I get it all done?

Friday I ran to buy new outlets for a few that don’t work, a smart thermostat and smoke detectors. At 1:00 a handyman and his wife showed up and did a bunch of stuff. They worked until 4:30 when the wife needed to go nurse her baby!! Oh my. We ate yummy seafood for supper and then Jason took the kids home and I returned stuff and bought stuff. IKEA is still open till 9:00!

And that’s where we are at. Kids must be waking soon and the handyman will be back between 9-10 to run electricity to the dryer. Not going to go back and edit so excuse the mistakes! It’s COLD so that’s good for working inside!

Have a lovely day!

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