Autumn + Fun For The Kids

It is the middle of November and I am in awe at the beautiful days. I can truly say I am ready for snow tho. I love to have cozy days inside with the sun shining off bright white snow! Especially in November. And sitting in the hot tub on chilly cold evenings is a super duper treat!

This morning was food colouring fun! Colorful foam on the floor for Oscar and colourful rice in a pan with the little loaders and dozers for Ella.

Foam: 1/2 cup water, 4 T dawn dish soap, 20 or so drops of food colouring. Blend it well in the blender.

Colourful rice: 1 cup rice in a bag, 1/2tsp water, food colouring. Moosh that around good and proper and pour it in the pan.

I recently subscribed to The Pour Over. It is an email that comes in 3x a week and gives a short run-down on the news around the world. It is all I need right now!

be kind, clarissa

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