3 Things Shelved

The books on the shelf – says Ella-, jam on the shelf, shelves of organized craft stuff:)

Do you want to know what my stance is on the whole thing? ok. I’ll tell you. Children are worth it. Even at 1.5 and 3 years of being with us, they are already worth it. For sure. But then i say. what is ‘it’? It is the carrying and birthing of the child. The nurturing and teaching. The crying and praying and begging for help from God. The long nights and weird food and bowel movement stores. The tantrums and screams and attitudes. And that’s all just starting but already the sweet songs, the tight hugs, new words, amazing stories, great big laughs, imaginations, amazing requests, helping hands and hearts – all these and so much more are making ‘it’ work it! Thank you Jesus for these little ones.

Another inspiring article by Sean of the South on Angels .

A new thing I’m dabbling with is fire cider. I mixed up a quart of the stuff and its sitting looking pretty on my counter. Let the next bug wait a month or so and we will tackle it with a whamo of fire cider.

I’ve been dreaming about gardens – am I crazy – as I put mine to bed for the winter. Piet Oudolf has some beautiful inspiration. Here is one on Pinterest.

be kind, clarissa

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